Reviews by Author M-Z


Maas, Sharon Quint Chronicles

  1. The Secret Life of Winnie Cox
  2. The Sugar Planter’s Daughter
  3. The Girl from the Sugar Plantation
  4. The Small Fortune of Dorothea Q

Mackenzie, M.R. In The Silence

Mackintosh, Clare – Let Me Lie

Mackintosh, Sophie – The Water Cure

Mahmood, Imran – You Don’t Know Me

Malerman, Josh – Bird Box

Malone, Michael J. – House of Spines

Mangan, Christine – Tangerine

Mann, George – Wychwood

Manning, Max Now You See (DCI Fenton Series #1)

Martin, Andrew – Soot

Marwood, Alex – The Darkest Secret

Mazzola, Anna The Story Keeper

McAllister, Gillian –

McCreight, Kimberly – Reconstructing Amelia

McDonald, Christina The Night Olivia Fell

McGinnis, Mindy Not a Drop to Drink (Not a Drop to Drink Series #1)

McManus, Karen M. – One Of Us Is Lying

Mejia, Mindy – The Last Act of Hattie Hoffman

Melamed, Jennie – Gather the Daughters

Meloy, Maile – Do Not Become Alarmed

Merritt, Stephanie – While You Sleep

Michaelides, AlexThe Silent Patient

Mina, Denise – The Long Drop

Minato, Kanae –

Mitchell, Caroline –

Montes, Raphael – Perfect Days

Moretti, Kate –

Morgan, AB – A Justifiable Madness


Naughton, Sarah J. – Tattletale

Nelson, V. S. – The Keeper of Portals

Nesbo, Jo – Macbeth

Neuvel, Sylvain – Themis Files Trilogy

  1. Sleeping Giants
  2. Waking Gods
  3. Only Human

Ng, Celeste Little Fires Everywhere

Nicholl, John – Portraits of the the Dead

Night, Cyan – Girl Fighter

North, AlexThe Whisper Man

Novak, BrendaBefore We Were Strangers

Novak, BrendaThe Evelyn Talbot Chronicles

  1. Her Darkest Nightmare
  2. Hello Again
  3. Face Off

Nugent, LizUnravelling Oliver


Osborne, Abigail – The Puppet Master

Overton, Hollie – The Walls

Oviatt, Didi – Search for Maylee

Owen, NikkiSubject 375 (The Project Trilogy #1) [Audiobook review]


Parnell, Lindsay – Dogwood

Paver, Michelle Thin Air [rapid review]

Pearce, Lesley – The Woman in the Wood

Pessl, Marisha – Night Film

Phifer, Helen – The Good Sisters

Phillips, Gin – Fierce Kingdom

Picoult, Jodi – Small Great Things

Pinborough, Sarah


Quigley, GeraldineMusic Love Drugs War


Raymond, Gary The Golden Orphans

Ravatn, Agnes – The Bird Tribunal

Reavley, Betsy –

Reed Petty, KateTrue Story

Regan, Lisa Detective Josie Quinn Series

  1. Vanishing Girls
  2. The Girl With No Name
  3. Her Mother’s Grave

Richardson, Tarn The Darkest Hand Trilogy

  1. The Damned
  2. The Fallen

Rio, M.L. – If We Were Villains

Ritter, Krysten – Bonfire

Robertson, L.F. – Janet Moodie Series

  1. Two Lost Boys
  2. Madman Walking

Rose, Jacqui –

Rouda, Kaira – Best Day Ever

Rous, Emma The Au Pair

Ryan Howard, Catherine –


Sager, Riley –

Schweblin, Samanta – Fever Dream [mini review]

Schepp, Emelie Jana Berzelius Series

  1. Marked for Life
  2. Marked for Revenge

Schmidt, Anna The Winter Keeper

Schmidt, Sarah – See What I Have Done

Secora, Sara Agoraphobic: Inside Out (short story)

Seddon, Holly – Don’t Close Your Eyes

Sigurdardottir, Lilja Reykjavik Noir Series

  1. Snare
  2. Trap

Sinclair, J.G.Walk in Silence (Kiera Lynch Series #3)

Skuse, C.J.Sweetpea Series

  1. Sweetpea
  2. In Bloom

Slaughter, Karin –

Slimani, Leila – Lullaby

Snoekstra, Anna – Only Daughter

Smith, Sherri – Follow Me Down

St. James, Simone – The Broken Girls

Stage, ZojeBaby Teeth

Staincliffe, Cath – The Silence Between Breaths (mini review)

Stansfield, Katherine – Falling Creatures

Steadman, Helen – Widdershins

Stein, JesperDie For Me

Sternbergh, Adam – The Blinds

Stevens, Chevy – Never Let You Go

Stovell, Sarah – Exquisite

Summer, S RIndigo Lost (Infinity Squared Series #1)

Surgey, Sarah & Vestrheim, EmmaA Presence of Absence (The Odense Series #1)

Suskind, Patrick – Perfume

Swanson, Peter –

Symon, Vanda – PC Sam Shephard Series

  1. Overkill


Tallent, Gabriel – My Absolute Darling

Tartt, Donna – The Secret History

Taylor, C. L. –

Taylor, JuneKeep Your Friends Close

Terry, Tyler – The Devil You Know

Thomas, Angie – The Hate U Give

Thomas, BevA Good Enough Mother

Thompson, Sharon – The Abandoned

Thomson, Jennifer Lee – Vile City

Todd, G X – The Voices Series

  1. Defender
  2. Hunted

Torre, Alessandra – The Ghostwriter

Tremayne, S. K. – The Fire Child

Tudor, C.J. –

Tuomainen, Antti – The Mine

Turner, Ronnie Lies Between Us

Twardowski, Kristen – When We Go Missing [mini review]


Vaughan, Sarah – Anatomy of a Scandal

Velton, SoniaBlackberry and Wild Rose

Vincent, Hannah The Weaning [rapid review]


Wake, H. N. A Spy Came Home (Mac Ambrose Series #1)

Wake, Laura – A Monster by Violet

Walker, Alice – The Color Purple

Walker, Wendy – Emma in the Night

Ward, Jesmyn – Sing, Unburied, Sing

Ward, Sarah DC Connie Childs Series

  1. In Bitter Chill
  2. A Deadly Thaw
  3. A Patient Fury

Way, Camilla – Watching Edie

Weir, Meghan MacLean The Book of Essie

Welsh, Lesley – The Serial Killer’s Daughter [mini review]

Wesolowski, MattSix Stories Series

  1. Six Stories
  2. Hydra
  3. Changeling

Westworth, Frank The Stoner Stories (short story collection)

Whitaker, Chris – All The Wicked Girls

Whitehead, Colson – The Underground Railroad

Williams, GB The Locked Up Trilogy

  1. Locked Up
  2. Locked In

Wilson, Cater –  Mister Tender’s Girl

Wilson, C.P. Ice Cold Alice (Tequila Mockingbird Series #1)

Winthrop, Elizabeth H. – The Mercy Seat


Yanagihara, Hanya – A Little Life

Youers, RioHalcyon


Zafon, Carlos Ruiz Cemetery of Forgotten Books Series

  1. The Shadow of the Wind
  2. The Angel’s Game
  3. The Prisoner of Heaven