Reviews by Author A-L


Abbs, Annabel – The Joyce Girl

Abdullah, KiaTake It Back (Zara Kaleel #1)

Adam, ClaireGolden Child

Adams, Michelle – My Sister

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – Americanah

Adeyemi, Tomi Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orïsha Trilogy #1)

Ahlborn, Ania –

Allan, Claire – Her Name Was Rose

Amphlett, Rachel – Detective Kay Hunter Series

  1. Sacred To Death
  2. Will To Live
  3. One To Watch
  4. Hell To Pay
  5. Call To Arms
  6. Gone To Ground

Arden, KatherineThe Bear and the Nightingale (Winternight Trilogy #1)

Arlidge, M.J.DI Helen Grace Series

  1. Eeny Meeny

Ashdown, Isabel – Little Sister


Baart, Nicole – Little Broken Things

Bacigalupi, Paolo – The Water Knife

Backman, Fredrik Beartown Series

  1. The Scandal (also titled ‘Beartown’)
  2. Us Against You

Bardugo, Leigh –

Barker, J.D. The Fourth Monkey (Detective Sam Porter Series #1)

Barton, Fiona – The Widow

Bauer, Belinder –

Blanchard, Alice – A Breath After Drowning

Beard, Susanna – Dare to Remember

Beck, Haylen – Here and Gone

Bennett, Brit The Mothers

Berry, Lucinda – Phantom Limb

Beverly, Bill – Dodgers

Bishop, Lauren – Bleeding Heart [mini review]

Bitto, Emily – The Strays

Bjork, SamuelMunch and Krüger Series

  1. I’m Travelling Alone
  2. The Owl Always Hunts at Night

Blackhurst, Jenny – The Foster Child

Bolton, Sharon –

Bouchard, Roxanne – We Were the Salt of the Sea

Bradley, Rebecca Three Weeks Dead (short story)

Braun, TheresaDead over Heels (short story)

Bristow, Su – Sealskin [audiobook review]

Brittney, LynnA Death in Chelsea (Mayfair 100 #2)

Broadribb, StephLori Anderson Series

  1. The Last Resort (short story)
  2. Deep Down Dead
  3. Deep Blue Trouble
  4. Deep Dirty Truth

Brodie, Alison – Zenka

Brown, Liam – Broadcast

Bryant, Anabelle – The Den of Iniquity (The Bastards of London Series #1)

Bryndza, Robert DCI Erika Foster Series

  1. Dark Water
  2. Last Breath
  3. Cold Blood
  4. Deadly Secrets

Buchanon, Kalisha Speaking of Summer

Buist, Anne Natalie King, Forensic Psychiatrist Series

  1. Medea’s Curse
  2. Dangerous to Know
  3. This I Would Kill For

Burnet, Graeme Macrae – His Bloody Project

Burns, Catherine – The Visitors


Caine, Rachel Stillhouse Lake Series

  1. Stillhouse Lake
  2. Killman Creek

Cameron, Graeme – Normal

Campbell, Michele – It’s Always The Husband

Capote, Truman – Other Voices, Other Rooms

Carpenter, Emily – The Weight of Lies

Carreira, JackieSleeping Through War

Carver, WillGood Samaritans

Castillo, MaryDori O. Paranormal Mystery Series

  1. Lost in the Light
  2. Lost in Whispers

Chirovici, E.O. – The Book of Mirrors

Clare, Alex He’s Gone (DI Robyn Bailley Series #1)

Clark-Platts, Alice The Flower Girls

Clark, PollyTiger

Cleave, Paul – Trust No One

Cline, Emma The Girls

Cockburn, Lee – Devil’s Demise

Cole, Daniel Detective William Fawkes

  1. Ragdoll
  2. Hangman

Cotterell, T.A. – What Alice Knew

Crane, Pamela – Pretty Ugly Lies

Crouch, Blake –

Cummins, FionaRattle (DS Fitzroy Series #1)


Dalcher, Christina – Vox

Daly, PaulaClear My Name

Danielewski, Mark Z. – House of Leaves

Dawson, Juno – Clean

Dazieri, SandroneTorre and Caselli Series

  1. Kill the Father
  2. Kill the Angel

Dean, Will – Dark Pines (Tuva Moodyson Series #1)

Delaney, J.P –

Delargy, James 55

Denfeld, Rene – The Child Finder

Denzil, Sarah A. – Silent Child

Dionne, Karen – The Marsh King’s Daughter

Donlea, Charlie – The Girl Who Was Taken

Doughty, Louise – Black Water

Downing, SamanthaMy Lovely Wife

Duckworth, Charlotte The Rival


Edwards, Mark – The Magpies

Ellis, Joy – Beware the Past

Ellison, J.T. – Lie To Me

Ellwood, Nuala –

Ensor, Jennie – Blind Side

Engel, Amy – The Roanoke Girls

Enger, Thomas Henning Juul Series

  1. Cursed
  2. Killed

Eskens, Allen – The Life We Bury


Ferencik, Erica – The River at Night

Finn, A. J. – The Woman in the Window

Fisher, Clare – All the Good Things

Flatland, Helga A Modern Family

Flint, Emma – Little Deaths

Flynn, Gillian –

Fortune, Jan – This is the End of the Story

Fountain, N. J. – Painkiller

Fowles, John – The Collector

Frank, AnitaThe Lost Ones

Fraser-Sampson, Guy Hampstead Murders Series

  1. Death in Profile
  2. Miss Christie Regrets

Frear, Caz – Sweet Little Lies

Fuks, Ladislav – The Cremator


Gardiner, MegUnsub Series

  1. Unsub
  2. Into the Black Nowhere
  3. The Dark Corners of the Night

Gratz, Alan – Refugee

Guerriero, Cheryl – Girl on Point

Gustawsson, Johana Roy & Castells Series

  1. Block 46
  2. Keeper

Gyasi, Yaa – Homegoing


Hall, AramintaOur Kind of Cruelty

Hall, Lisa – Between You and Me (Guest Review)

Hamdy, Adam Pendulum Trilogy

  1. Pendulum
  2. Freefall

Hamer, Kate – 

Hammersley, HeleyneCloser to Home (DI Kate Fletcher Series #1)

Hammesfahr, Petra – The Sinner

Hamilton, Karen – The Perfect Girlfriend

Hannah, Kristin – This Nightingale

Harper, Elodie – The Binding Song

Harper, Jane The Lost Man

Harper, Jane Aaron Falk Series

  1. The Dry
  2. Force of Nature

Harris, Joanne – Different Class

Hawley, Noah – Before the Fall

Hay, L. V. –

Heaberlin, Julia – Paper Ghosts

Hendricks, Greer & Pekkanen, Sarah

Henry, Christina – Lost Boy

Hickie, Amanda – Before This Is Over

Hiekkapelto, KatiAnna Fekete Series

  1. The Humming Bird
  2. The Defenceless
  3. The Exiled

Higashino, Keigo – Journey Under the Midnight Sun

Hill, Joe –

Holahan, Cate – Lies She Told

Holliday, SJI The Lingering

Honeyman, Gail – Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Hope, Anna – The Ballroom

Howells, Debbie – The Death of Her

Hunter, Cara DI Adam Fawley Series

  1. Close To Home
  2. In The Dark
  3. No Way Out


Isaac, JaneDI Will Jackman Series

  1. Before It’s Too Late
  2. Beneath The Ashes
  3. The Lies Within


James, Ed DI Simon Fenchurch Series

  1. The Hope That Kills
  2. Worth Killing For

James, Maggie –

Jameson, HannaThe Last

Jenkins Reid, Taylor – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Jennings, Kerensa – Seas of Snow

Jeong, You-Jeong – The Good Son

Jewell, Lisa –

John, Justine – Gilding the Lily

Johnson, Katharine – The Silence

Johnson, Tyrell – The Wolves of Winter

Jonas-Hill, SophieCrooked Little Sisters Series

  1. Nemesister
  2. Broken Ponies

Jonasson, Ragnar The Darkness (Hidden Iceland Trilogy #1)

Jordan, Jack Before Her Eyes


Kanon, Joseph – Defectors

Katsu, Alma – The Hunger

Kay, Sanjida – The Stolen Child

Kent, Hannah – Burial Rites

Keogh, Valerie That One May Smile (Garda West Series #1)

King, StephenClick here for all King reviews

Kirk, ShannonMethod 15/33

Klefstad, Dan –

Kristoff, Jay Nevernight(The Nevernight Chronicle Trilogy #1)

Kurniawan, Eka – Beauty is a Wound


Lackberg, Camilla Fjällbacka Series

  1. The Ice Princess
  2. The Preacher
  3. The Stonecutter

Lapena, Shari –

La Plante, Lynda Tennison Series

  1. Tennison
  2. Hidden Killers
  3. Good Friday

Largercrantz, David The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Millennium Series #5)

Lawler, Liz – Don’t Wake Up [audiobook review]

Laws, PeterPurged (Matt Hunter Series #1)

Lemaitre, Pierre – Three Days and a Life

Lepucki, Edan – Woman No. 17

Letts, ElizabethFinding Dorothy

Levley, AnaBeasts: Beginning of the End

Lewis, Beth –

Lloyd, Amy –

Lotz, Sarah

Lucius, Walter Butterfly on the Storm (Heartland Trilogy #1)