34 thoughts on “Nonfiction Audiobook Review: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

  1. Omg I just started laughing again being reminded of the “go Hitler” story. And that he explained so well how/why this is – that excerpt you shared is perfect. This was such an amazing book in so many ways. I loved how he educated so clearly and understandably about apartheid, which I knew the basics of but embarrassingly not much in detail. I absolutely can’t wait for the next chapter 🙂

    And how incredible that it helped make your son aware of the possibilities in books too. That makes me so happy, that’s such an important, priceless discovery to make. And that it gave you guys some meaningful discussions. How wonderful 🙂 Thanks for such an excellent review and reminder of everything that’s so special about this book. Love this guy!

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    1. I am so excited for that sequel! I was telling my friends about the “go Hitler” story the other day and about people not wanting to be rich but people wanting choice. So much wisdom for such a young man! It’ll be really interesting to see how he transitioned into the star he is today!

      I think that’s why this book is extra special, that it engaged my son. He even asked me what I’m listening today (it didn’t appeal to him), he said to let him know next time I’m listen to someone talking about their life, haha, I think my son will be a nonfiction reader lol.

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      1. I kept having to remind myself of how young Noah actually is considering how wise he is too. I’m just so impressed with him. And what an amazing story to connect with your son over, I hope you find other stories that do the same. You know you can send him my way for nonfiction anytime! 🙂 I think Born a Crime helped show a lot of people what nonfiction is capable of, actually.

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  2. Wonderful review! This was one of my first nonfiction listens and Noah hooked me on them. I loved his memoir and especially his own reading of it.

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  3. Fantastic review! I’ve had this books sitting in my Audible library forever I need to give it a listen! Love that your son listen as well! My boys would pick Xbox over books any day as well, although my older one is now a reader, sort of? He’s away at university so he has a lot of reading for that, but he also reads for pleasure now, there is hope!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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    1. Thank you!! You need to bump this one to the top of your listening list! I’m taking it slow and steady with my son, he has asked what I’m listening to now, I need to find another book that will engage him, and hopefully in time, he’ll chose his own book to listen to…. there’s always hope, lol!

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  4. Absolutely sold Janel. I love your enthusiasm for this book and thanks for sharing the story about your son. It’s brilliant he wanted to come and sit with you and listen rather than playing on his Xbox!! 😁

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    1. I cannot wait to hear what you think of this one, and you must listen to the audiobook if you can! I think Jayden will be a nonfiction reader because he’s since asked what I’m listening too and it’s all been fiction and he’s not that interested, lol.

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  5. Awesome review! Gotta love Trevor Noah. I’ve been seeing rave reviews and normally I would be cautious, but I think we’re all in good hands with Trevor Noah. And so agree with the names meaning different things to people from different countries and cultures! Trevor always has something insightful to say and he does it with compassion and humility. 🙂

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