Blog Tour | Book Review: Indigo Lost by S R Summers (Infinity Squared Series #1)

Indigo Lost - S R Summers

I’m delighted to be a part of the blog tour for Indigo Lost– the first book in an eight-book series, and sharing my review with you today.


The First book in the Infinity Squared Series. Don’t think. Just run. When what lies ahead is less fearful than what lies behind, and west-coast unknowns less terrifying than east-side tragedies, there is no choice other than the one through the window at the end of a third-floor police station corridor. Without another thought, the girl runs. Her jump will take her to the street below, to encounters with humanity that will both shock and save her, to the girl she becomes the one who knows how to fight, but also survive, even shine, in the darkest places. She does not go unnoticed. The mob boss, the ruler of Vegas, has seen her. But she is not ready to be seen. And this time there is no corridor, and no window.


Indigo Lost is the first book in an eight-book series; I really had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book, I was just drawn in by the title and the cover. I certainly did not expect, nor was I prepared for, this book’s brutal opening! We meet this innocent young girl who, along with her mother and sister, suffer under a violent reign of terror unleashed by her father. I won’t detail it, but just know that some of the content is hard to read.

“Inside the head of blonde curls, hope wrestled with despair in an unending war.”

And then the direst of things happen to this young girl, so she runs. I cannot begin to tell you how powerful this opening storyline was. And this is what makes you invested in this plot, you know her beginnings, and you’re firmly on her side throughout her journey.

Fast forward, this young girl, now known as Mysty, ends up in Vegas where she meets mob boss, Donny Capello. In a strange turn of events, they welcome her into their mob family. I loved the whole mob family, their protectiveness of Mysty really warmed my heart. I really enjoyed journeying with Mysty through the years, as we meet her as a young girl and watch her blossom into a teenager. I also really loved the character of Mysty, a strong and likeable young lady who survives when the odds are stacked against her, and this plot has a flicker of fantasy to make her exceptional (in short, the ability to run faster and jump higher, smarter beyond her years).

In a separate storyline, we have Daryl Blackwood, the richest and most sort after bachelor who, despites his billions, fills unfilled and alone. I did not like Daryl one bit, he is a womaniser and so full of himself – and I didn’t care one bit for the many sexual encounters we were privy too, with descriptive detail, sometimes less is more. Anyway, you just know, these two storylines will soon merge.

Where I struggled a bit was, while I was enjoying reading this book, I felt it took way too long for the plot to move forward – it was like the middle of the book was on a loop and when the plot did finally take a step forward, it was too near the end of the book. Which has its pros and cons, it made the ending a little underwhelming because you were really hoping to see some of what’s to come played out in this book, but it has set up the next book in this series perfectly – you just know events are going to take off in the next book. Being the first book of eight may explain the slow plot progress. That’s not to say the pace of the book is slow though, because it isn’t, action and thrills are aplenty in this book, along with some funny moments too.

Indigo Lost displayed the worst and the best of human nature, with characters to love and characters to despise. Overall, I enjoyed this book and think this series has great potential – blending crime, romance, coming-of-age and fantasy – there’s something for everyone to love, and incorporating so many different genres explains why there were parts I loved and parts I wish were displayed differently. So much took place in this book, it’s impossible to address it all, but I am certainly invested enough in Mysty’s life to pick up the next book.

This book is available to buy from: Amazon UK

*My thanks to Authoright for providing me with a copy of this book and inviting me to participate in the blog tour*


Living in Leamington Spa, West Midlands, S.R. Summers owns and runs the popular ZouBisou cafe. Previously, she has enjoyed a career working within broadcast media whilst living in Belgium and within the field of e-commerce. She also holds a degree in History from the University of Cambridge. When not managing her cafe, you’ll find her busy writing and working on the final book in her Infinity Squared eight-part series. The first in the series, Indigo Lost by S R Summers (published by ShieldCrest Publishing) is available to purchase from online retailers, including Amazon, and to order from all good bookstores. For more information you can follow the author @indigolost.



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