Book Review: Lost in Whispers by Mary Castillo (Dori O. Paranormal Mystery Series #2)

Lost in Whispers - Mary Castillo


After enjoying the first book in this series, Lost in the Light, I was looking forward to the next book, Lost in Whispers. Don’t you just love when a series gets better with each book!? I can happily report that, if you’re a fan of modern gothic paranormal mysteries, this is a series you need to be reading.


The Dori O. Paranormal Mystery Series continues in the latest release by Amazon Best Selling Author Mary Castillo Detective Dori Orihuela makes the arrest of her career within the filth-smeared walls of a dilapidated home. Among the drugs and weaponry, she meets the ghost of a pregnant woman whose warning saves her life. Dori goes back to her happy life with her boyfriend, Gavin and his precocious daughter. But the ghost doesn’t just follow her home, it found its way inside her. In 1942, Roslyn Snow arrives from Pearl Harbor with her discharge papers and a baby she’s giving up for adoption. Hiding the shame of their unplanned pregnancies in what was once a magnificent private estate, Roslyn and her fellow patients wait out their terms. She must be on guard to hide her real identity, the father of her child and protect her heart that wants to care for these forgotten girls. Disturbed by the visions and drawings written in a hand that is not her own, Dori finds help from her best friend, Meg and an eccentric cemetery manager, Richard. But as Dori explores her gift to communicate with the dead, she is exposed to those who could destroy everything and everyone she loves.


Lost in Whispers follows Lost in the Light in this paranormal mystery series, featuring Dori Orihuela. It’s a great instalment; I highly recommend starting this series at the beginning, so you are familiar with the returning characters, if you’ve read book one, it will mean so much more to you when Dori sees Vincente again. I recommend following that up with the novella, Girl in Mist, book #1.5, because again it will mean so much more to you when the young woman from Carmel is mentioned. I missed out the novella, and really wish I hadn’t – so now you’ve got all the background information, let’s focus on the events that took place in Lost in Whispers.

One of the things I really love about this novel, and series, is the way Castillo merges the present day with a paranormal historical narrative. I really enjoyed the historical narrative in this one, it was interesting to see glimpses of the lives of these young women in 1942, hidden from the world due to their unplanned pregnancies. The way these narratives are intertwined is excellently done.

Dori is an ultra-likeable character, as well as being invested in the mystery, I love following her personal life, which is largely affected by her ability to see the dead. As she moves forward in her relationship with Gavin, moving into his home that he shares with his young daughter, Bella, you’re hoping the dead don’t put an end to her happiness. But the main threat to Dori’s happiness here, is very much alive, and she comes in the form of Bella’s mother – an addict who wants her daughter back!

Like with Lost in the Light, Lost in Whispers has some great injections of humour, usually coming by way of Grammy Cena. She doesn’t feature as much as in the first novel, but she truly is a quirky and original character:

“Grammy’s gate was locked. […] Grammy had been making noise about going back into the marijuana business now that it was legal.”

From cover to cover, Lost in Whispers is a delight to read; I hope my fellow readers will understand when I say, this book made me happy, similar to those feelings you get when you read a “guilty pleasure” book – you can get lost in the pages and just enjoy your read. The mystery is enjoyable, and I love the characters. I highly recommend this book, and series, and I’m eager for book 3!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon UK / Amazon US / Book Depository

*My thanks to the author, Mary Castillo, for providing me a copy of her novel*


Mary Castillo is an Amazon bestselling author and audiobook narrator. She writes chilling paranormal mysteries and sexy, heartwarming romantic comedies all with emotionally compelling characters that keep you turning the pages long past your bedtime! Mary’s emotional journeys are perfect beach, commute or lunch-time reads for contemporary mystery, romance and women’s fiction lovers who enjoy reading about smart, strong heroines and the men brave enough to love and respect them..

More about Mary, her books and her podcast, can be found at:





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