Book Box Unboxing: Ninja Book Box (As Cold as Ice) #ninjabookbox

closed box

It’s time for another Ninja Book Box unboxing. Ninja Book Box features books from independent publishers across a variety of genres, and this time they’re doing crime fiction; needless to say, me buying this box was a must! And to put a spin on the theme, each item makes up a personal survival kit. In each box you receive a new book and some bookish items relating to the boxes theme. These boxes are quarterly; this is my third time buying their box and they always arrive extremely well-packaged. And of all the boxes I’ve received, this box contains my favourite item.

The theme for February’s box was: As Cold as Ice

So what was inside:


Each box contains a Ninja recipe, this month, it’s for “a little 70’s nostalgia with a 21st century chocolate twist” aka Baked Alaska. Also, each box contains a Ninja charm, I really love this months charm and think it would look lovely as a pendant on a necklace. And, a snowflake, could it be any more fitting to the theme!?

Gloves and Charm

Made by Ninja Book Box, modelled by me, these gorgeous handwarmers. They are my favourite item ever received in a box, they’re so me, warm and cosy, and in a gorgeous colour. This was the first item I opened, and I knew that I wouldn’t love any item in this box as much as these!

From Ninja Book Box, my second favourite item in the box – this adorable sewing kit. I love it for two reasons – firstly, I love practical items, and secondly, I no longer have to use my stationery scissors when sewing up the many holes that magically appear in my leggings, haha!

Choc and Lip Balm

From Kentish Chocolates – a lime and dark chocolate bar I’m not one for dark chocolate but I have never had lime flavoured chocolate before so I’m intrigued but slightly scared, haha! As soon as I’ve built up the courage, I’ll give it a taste.

From Little Beau Sheep – Lanolin balm – a girl can never have too many lip balms if you ask me. I don’t wear lipstick or lipgloss but I fly through lip balms like they’re going out of fashion!

The book:

From Salt Publishing Dead of Winter by Gerri Brightwell


A fast-paced, darkly funny crime novel set in Interior Alaska that follows down-on-his-luck cabbie, Mike Fisher, as he searches for his daughter.

Her step-father has been shot in her bathroom, and Fisher thinks she killed him and fled. In a panic he tries to hide the body, but that’s not easy when it’s fifty-below outside.

Things get dangerously complicated when it turns out step-dad was part of a local militia, and now they’re on Fisher’s tail.

Dead of Winter evokes the harshness of winter in the ­­­sub‑arctic and the intrigue fostered in a bored, trapped and socially circumscribed small-town community.


I’ve got a very good feeling about this book, not only is it my favourite genre, but I love dark humour in books and I love when the characters are not only up against an enemy, but also have to battle with the elements – so I look forward to seeing how Fisher survives in the harshness of winter. Also included with the book, is a list of recommended reading, a spoiler free Ninja review of the book and an interview with the author.


The complete box


Ninja Book Box have done it again, another fab box of goodies! Everything you need to know about Ninja Book Box can be found on their website:


Are you tempted to become a ninja and receive this book box!? Go forth, and subscribe!

19 thoughts on “Book Box Unboxing: Ninja Book Box (As Cold as Ice) #ninjabookbox

  1. This box is such a cool idea! I immediately wanted those handwarmers…that color is gorgeous!!! It makes me happy. I also don’t like dark chocolate but I love lime so I’m very intrigued by that chocolate bar…

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    1. The chocolate bar was a miss, lol, neither me nor my son like it, but then again we don’t like dark chocolate and the lime wasn’t strong enough to cover it – that’s my review of the chocolate 😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You might be waiting a long time before you see a pic of my Baked Alaska, you’re better of just googling it 😂 I’m not much of a baker, although I can make brownies and a good ol’ Victoria sponge cake, lol

      Liked by 1 person

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