Book Promo | Cover Reveal: Seas of Snow by Kerensa Jennings (@zinca)

sos cover reveal

I have something very special to share with you today, and another first for my blog. Today’s post is the paperback cover reveal for a book extremely close to my heart – Seas of Snow by Kerensa Jennings. Publication date is set for 5th April 2018.

But, before I show you the cover, here’s everything you need to know about the book.


Kerensa JenningsKerensa Jennings is a storyteller, strategist, writer, producer and professor.

Kerensa’s TV work took her all over the world, covering everything from geo-politics to palaeontology, and her time as Programme Editor of Breakfast with Frost coincided with the life- changing events of 9/11.

The knowledge and experience she gained in psychology by qualifying and practising as an Executive Coach has only deepened her fascination with exploring the interplay between nature and nurture and with investigating whether evil is born or made – the question at the heart of Seas of Snow.

As a scholar at Oxford, her lifelong passion for poetry took flight. Kerensa lives in West London and has developed a career in digital enterprise to help inspire young people across the UK and unlock their potential.

Seas of Snow is her first novel.

Twitter: @zinca | Instagram: @seasofsnow | Website:


1950s England. Five-year-old Gracie Scott lives with her Mam and next door to her best friend Billy. An only child, she has never known her Da. When her Uncle Joe moves in, his physical abuse of Gracie’s mother starts almost immediately. But when his attentions wander to Gracie, an even more sinister pattern of behaviour begins.

As Gracie grows older, she finds solace and liberation in books, poetry and her enduring friendship with Billy. Together they escape into the poetic fairy-tale worlds of their imaginations.

But will fairy tales be enough to save Gracie from Uncle Joe’s psychopathic behaviour – and how far will it go?

Seas of Snow is a haunting, psychological domestic drama that probes the nature and the origins of evil.

Are you ready for the cover??



sos front cover


Clink the hyperlink to read the full reviews

“It is hard to believe Kerensa Jennings is a debut author as she has perfected her craft to the highest level. It will be a difficult quest for anyone to beat this title’s mark as my top read of 2017 by far… If you enjoy reading about the psychological after-effects of a crime on an individual you will love this immersive, poetic, and oftentimes lyrical novel.” – Louise Mullins (author), Goodreads review

“Seas of Snow is exceptional. Lyrical. Haunting. Emotive. Devastatingly beautiful.” – Janel, Keeper of Pages

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I don’t feel like the blurb does justice to just how good it is at all.” – Debbie, My Random Musings

Seas of Snow, as a title, symbolises even more than its name suggests. As I was tweeting one day, I suddenly registered the initials of the book S.O.S. Gracie Scott, a character in a book, is calling out for our help. […] I so wanted to be the one to answer Gracie’s S.O.S. and save her from the monster who was out to destroy her.” – Mairead, Swirl and Thread

“This novel flowed at an easy 5* pace, but with that ending I completely broke down. It was expertly crafted into the story and the writer deserves a ‘5* Genius’ rating! Highly recommended!” – Abby, Anne bonny book reviews

“A fabulous story, hauntingly magical, with an almost hypnotic quality. I didn’t see the end coming and it has left me deeply moved.” – Ali, The Dragon Slayer

“…this was one of the most emotive, thought-provoking, and beautifully characterised novels I have read for some time…” – Raven, Raven Crime Reads

“From foreboding start to startling finish, Seas of Snow is an unsettling, but blisteringly compelling read. From the get-go, the book dragged me into a maelstrom of dread and kept me in its thrall until the unanticipated final twist. […] This book was disquieting and absorbing. Kerensa Jennings can write. Of that there is no doubt. An exceptional début: I’m looking forward to more from this talented author!” Kevin, Amazon Reviewer


Pre-order your copy today from: Amazon UK | Book Depository | Wordery

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