Book Box Unboxing: Ninja Book Box (Into the Future) #ninjabookbox

Hey people, I’ve got a very exciting unboxing for you today – it’s the one year anniversary book box from Ninja Book Box. Ninja Book Box features books from independent publishers across a variety of genres, in each box you receive a new book and some bookish items relating to the boxes theme. These boxes are quarterly so the excitement is immense; this is my second Ninja Box and they always arrive extremely well packaged. This box was jam packed with goodies and I can’t wait to show you all the goodness, so here we go!

The theme for November’s box was: Into the Future

So what was inside:

Ninja swag

From Ninja Book Box – a recipe card, charm and mask. Each box contains a recipe card, this one is getting us in the festive spirit as it’s a recipe for making biscuits. Each box also contains a charm and this one matches the theme perfectly, you can’t see it properly in the picture but it’s a planet. The mask, made all the better by the info accompanying it, and I quote:

There are three ways you can use this mask:

  1. Take a photo of it with any of our Ninja Book Box/Book Club books and/or anything else indie book related

  2. Take a photo of yourself wearing the mask and reading a book. If you’re especially brave do this somewhere totally random (the beach, coffee shop etc)

  3. Wear the mask around your house and jump out at people (not when they’re carrying hot drinks) shouting ‘ninja!’

Number 3, I have done, and apparently I’m now an uncool mum – 11 year olds clearly don’t know anything about having fun!

From Esther Fairbairn – this cute book string, aka decoration for my bookshelves!

soap and game

From Geeky Clean – Futuristic Foam – handmade ozone, citrus and sea glitter soap. I love, love, love this item, and the packaging is super cool too.

From Imagination Igniters – Storytelling Cubes – these cubes are designed to unlock your imagination. It’s so simple, yet so clever – I can’t wait to play this with my son.

How to play: Simply roll the cubes and then use whatever is in the pictures to create your own story. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Use your imagination and away you go!

From Fox Spirit Books – a swag pack and subscriber ebook. And what cool swag it is, the black circle in the above picture is a mirror on the reverse side, the white rectangle is a badge/pin and the white circle is a keyring bottle opener [I think! If not, that tells you a lot about me, haha, it opened my cider last night so it’s a bottle opener goddammit!]


Perhaps my favourite item in the box, from Tea Please – ‘The future belongs to those who prepare for it today’ mug, and it’s exclusive [as are all the items in this months box]! Now, do I actually use this as a mug for my coffee or as a display ornament. *decisions, decisions*

The Book:


Fifteen predictions, seventy years in the future. By 2084 the world we know is gone. These are stories from our world seven decades later.

In 1948 George Orwell looked at the world around him and his response was 1984, now a classic dystopian novel. Here eleven writers asked themselves the same question as Orwell did – where are we going, and what is our future?

Visit the dark corners of the future metropolis, trek the wastelands of all that remains. See the world through the eyes of drones. Put humanity on trial as the oceans rise. Say goodbye to your body as humanity merges with technology.

Warnings or prophesies? Paradise or destruction? Will we be proud of what we have achieved, in 2084?

Our future unfolds before us.

I’m ecstatic about this book choice, it sounds amazing! Ninja Box Box also provided this wonderful leaflet with their review of the book, an interview with the publisher – Unsung Stories, a recommended reading list and info on all the suppliers. This was in the spoilers envelope featured in the mug picture, it doesn’t spoil the book, just the items in the box, so how incredibly thoughtful it’s in an envelope so the items don’t lose their surprise factor.


The complete box

full box

Now this is the part of the post where I’d usually talk about costs and shipping and whether I’d subscribe etc etc etc, but Ninja Book Box have outdone themselves with this book and I’m going to ask my loved ones for an annual subscription for Christmas! If they don’t make my bookish dreams come true, then I’ll subscribe!

Everything you need to know about Ninja Book box can be found on their website: They also have a subscription book club so be sure to check that out too, oh and don’t forget to browse their shop – I just purchased Sometimes A River Song by Avril Joy, it sounds so good! Apparently, I can’t even get links for this post without buying something – that just goes to show how good the Ninja empire is!


Disclaimer: I purchased this box, it was not given to me in exchange for a review, although I did receive a 20% discount for being a ninja book box reader. As a Ninja Book Box reader, I have read several titles provided by the team and fed back to them whether I think they’re box or book club worthy (so really the only one with something to lose is me – if a book I recommend is chosen, then I know the book already, haha!) As a thank you for taking the time to read and provide feedback, I received a 20% off discount code. I purchased Sometimes A River Song as an excitable customer because it sounded amazing!


So, my friends, go forth and discover Ninja Book Box!

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