Book Review: Walk in Silence by J. G. Sinclair

Walk in Silence J. G. Sinclair

Immediately after finishing this book, I had three thoughts: 1 – this is a very good book. 2 – why did I leave it on my shelf for so long before reading it? 3 – how did I not know there were two books that came before it!?

From the back cover:

Find the boy. Bring him home. Keep him safe.

Keira Lynch is a lawyer who’s no stranger to trouble; but having only just landed in Albania, she’s already up to her neck in it. She thought money would help her find the boy, but in a brutal underworld where anything can be bartered – trust, loyalty, even lives – his kidnappers have other ideas.

They want the freedom of one of their gang members. A man Keira is about to help bring to trial back in the UK; a man who once put three bullets in her chest.

Can she walk away in silence, and save the boy? Or will she have to play the game, fight and risk losing everything?

My Thoughts:

When the blurbs states “a man who once put three bullets in her chest”, I didn’t realise that happened in a previous book – maybe I should look at the ‘other books by this author’ before I start a book, instead of after. So as someone who always favours reading books in order, how did I fair with starting at book 3. I faired wonderfully – this book can definitely be read as a standalone! I was so engrossed in the story that I didn’t realise certain things weren’t explained because they had been explained in the previous book; I thought that was the author’s intention to keep the reader in the dark as the lack of information fits so well with the nature of the main protagonist, Keira Lynch.

In Keira Lynch, Sinclair has created a likeable and strong character, who is a pleasure to read about. Whilst possessing the ability to be friendly and caring, she also has the ability to put a bullet in your chest – now that’s my kind of leading lady! As Keira finds herself in several dangerous situations, her determination and motivation for survival is second to none. The action in this novel wasn’t over the top, the violence was never exaggerated, it was a believable and exciting story. Keira’s blunt humour was a genius touch and fit so well with her nature.

As mentioned there wasn’t a huge backstory to why and how Keira found herself in Albania searching for the boy because it was explained in the previous book – I was so absorbed in this plot, I only noticed this when I finished the book. If you’re interested, you can read the previous book, which I will be doing, but you can jump straight into this one without feeling lost in the events that are occurring. This lack of information matches Keira’s character, she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve and doesn’t easily offer up information so I didn’t even consider the possibility of previous books!

Along with the action thrills this book delivers, it is also emotionally charged.

Find the boy. Bring him home. Keep him safe.”

It was this emotion element that really pulled me into the heart of the story and the character of Keira. This emotional element isn’t written about but it’s there in Keira’s actions and her attitude.

Set part in Scotland, mainly in Albania, Walk in Silence is a gripping crime thriller. I don’t think I’ve read a book set in Albania before and I loved Sinclair’s ability to put you in that location through the characters and customs. The plot was cleverly crafted, entertaining and contains lots of blood. The Albian Mafia are involved, as far as I’m concerned, mafia is mafia, so wherever in the world they are, brutal violence and murder are not far behind.

If you’re a fan of strong female characters, and action packed, cleverly written thrillers, you should definitely read Walk in Silence.

This book is available to buy from: Amazon UK / Book Depository

*My thanks to Faber & Faber for providing me with a copy of this book*

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Walk in Silence by J. G. Sinclair

    1. I had absolutely no idea I was, there was no mention on the cover that it was a continuation. I’m a die hard believer of ‘must read series in order’ so I was truly shocked when I found out 😂

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  1. I love strong female characters but I also love reading books in order lol Although Im thinking that with some of my current series I’ll need to skip some in order to catch up!

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