Book Review: Girl on Point by Cheryl Guerriero

Girl on Point - Cheryl Guerriero

I love being surprised by a book, often I’m intrigued by a synopsis but I’m unsure if the book will deliver all that I hoped – Girl on Point delivered!

Book Description:

Alexandra Campbell’s life comes to a crashing halt the night her younger sister is killed during a convenience store robbery. Shattered by guilt, Alex distances herself from her friends and family. Months later, with the police investigation stalled, she fears justice may never be served.

Determined to avenge her sister’s murder, Alex disguises herself and joins the gang responsible for the shooting. To identify the one who pulled the trigger, she must put her own life at risk in a world of dangerous criminals. But the longer she plays her new game, the more the lines blur between loyalty and betrayal.

My Thoughts:

Girl on point was a fun read that touched on some very emotive themes. It toys with the idea of Alex ‘going native’ in her hopes to infiltrate the gang who she believes is responsible for her sister’s death. I really liked Alex and hoped she’d find the one responsible, when she submerged herself in the gang life – a sweet girl from a middle-class background in a neglected, poverty-stricken town – I worried for her safety. There were a few tense moments where I thought her cover was blown and these keep me on the edge-of-my-seat. Alex had to think quick to save herself on a few occasions.

As Alex gets closer to the gang, you immediately worry the lines are blurring. As you expect, some of the characters in this book are awful, angry at the situation they find themselves in, from an upbringing so different to Alex, there are plenty of contrasts in this one. However, you do find yourself slightly saddened by one of the characters as she is trying to make a better life for herself but once you’re in the gang life, can you ever really get out? And I say ‘saddened’ not because I don’t hold her responsible for her actions but because I saw so much potential for better.

Guerriero chose to write this book in a chatty tone and it worked really well as it reflected the story being told. Girl on Point isn’t too long, at 250 pages it can be read in one sitting. While this can be classified as YA as the main protagonist is a teenager, it certainly didn’t read as one. The writing was simpler than you’d find in adult fiction but the theme was dangerous and the violence was tenfold. This book exceeded all my expectations and I found myself immersed in the plot and invested in Alex’s plight.

I suspected the outcome but I can’t hand-on-heart say I predicted it. Overall, I just really really enjoyed this novel; it was refreshing, fun and addictive, if a little violent at times (which I liked). I absolutely recommend Girl on Point!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon UK / Book Depository

*My thanks to the author for providing me with a digital copy of this book*

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Girl on Point by Cheryl Guerriero

  1. I like surprising books, and this being YA, I might have passed it without a glance, but it sounds like there’s more to it than just the usual YA stories, and I love a tense book that blurs the lines, and feels dangerous. Gangs are quite scary, so it takes a lot to get involved to get a revenge. Great review!

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