Short Story Sunday: The Caretaker by Dan Klefstad

This week’s short story has been on my radar ever since I read the opening on Kerry @ Chat About Books blog. The Caretaker is a fresh take on a vampire tale.

Short Story Description:

There’s no “official blurb” for this one but I can do one better, you can read this short story for yourself right here at Crack the Spine Literary Magazine.

My Thoughts:

This story is told in the form of a letter; Daniel is retiring from his role of “Caretaker”, a job that involves some risky work but with a salary that will set you up for life! The letter details the role and Daniel passes along some of his experiences on the job to his successor. What follows is a creepy tale of life working for a vampire.

It’s exciting, it’s chilling, it’s a fun short story that I highly recommend, one that I’d love to read as a full novel, that’s how much I enjoyed it! I really loved the opening, it created that feeling when you have to read on, gripping you instantly! I strongly encourage you to click the link and read this one for yourself.

I actually have a copy of Dan Klefstad’s book, Shepherd & the Professor, and let me tell you, it has raced its way to the top of my TBR as I can’t wait to read more of Dan’s work. I’ll leave you with the opening of The Caretaker:

“Dear Applicant, Congratulations. Out of hundreds of applications, yours stood out…..But, I must warn you: The more you read, the more my employer will consider you a threat if you decline our offer. If you have no intentions of taking the job, delete this message now before reading further.”


Leave me a comment, recommend a short story, one you’ve read, one you’d like to read or one you’d like me to review  🙂

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8 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday: The Caretaker by Dan Klefstad

    1. The opening grabbed me, so clever! It’s been ages since I’ve read a vampire story so I enjoyed it a lot! …Now I’m off in search of next weeks short story, I’m really enjoying finding these 😊

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