Short Story Sunday: Agoraphobic: Inside Out by Sara Secora

Agoraphobic - Sara Secora

When I read Reads & Reels review of this short story, I knew I had to read it and it was the perfect choice to kick of my new Short Story Sunday feature.

Book Description:

Twenty-eight-year-old Kade hasn’t been able to make it past his sidewalk in eight years. In this chilling short story, you will be given a glimpse into the inner workings of his mind as he goes through the process of trying to face his irrational, but very real fears.

Experience firsthand what goes on in an Agoraphobic’s mind and begin to understand the silent disorder that millions of people across the world struggle with.

My Thoughts:

In just 11 pages, Secora has written, perhaps, some of the most important pages of the year! Some of the sentences describing the thoughts that went through Kade’s head were so powerful. I’m a mental health student nurse and let me tell you, of all the lectures I’ve attended, none were as impactful as these 11 pages.

Often people living with mental illness suffer in silence, you can’t see the symptoms, you can’t see someone’s thoughts, and if they are brave enough to seek help, they have to fight the stigma that is attached to mental illness. Agoraphobic: Inside Out gives you a tiny glimpse of what life is like for Kade, what goes through his mind as he attempts to conquer his deepest, darkest fear, to take one step further. In so few pages, Secora touches on not only Kade’s thought processes but also shows the isolation that accompanies this illness.

99p for 11 pages may seem a bit steep but, my gosh, it was money well spent, upon finishing this story, I immediately read it again, and will continue to re-read it and encourage all my classmates to read it too!

This short story is available to buy now from: Amazon UK


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