Bookish Ramblings: Back to Unbound and my new book pledge…

Unbound.jpgI’m unbounding again! For those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘unbounding,’ please see the Dictionary-of-Janel definition below. Please familiarise yourself with the term as I’m sure it’s one I will be using many times in the future!

unbounding [verb]

  1. to pledge and support a book on it’s journey to publication for exclusive rewards. The exclusive reward is usually in the form of said book and this pledge must take place at

Back in November, you may remember, my blog post about Unbound and my book pledge to Seas of Snow. If not, check it out as it explains, in more detail, how the crowdfunding publisher, Unbound, works, or click the link/image above to visit their website for all the information you need to know.

Last month, my finished hardback copy of Seas of Snow by Kerensa Jennings arrived, it’s absolutely gorgeous – I can’t wait to read it. As I made a reader’s pledge to this books publication, my name, along with all the other supporters, was printed in the book. I cannot begin to tell you how happy that made me, and proud that I was able to directly support an author!

After feeling all those happy feelings, I’m unbounding again!

I pledged

All the Perverse Angels by Sarah K. Marr

*Books cover not yet complete*

Book Description:

Spanning Victorian Oxford to the London of the 1980s, “All the Perverse Angels” is a novel about the nature of loss and the confusion of love, about the stories we are told and the stories we tell ourselves.

Anna, an art curator, leaves the psychiatric wing of a hospital and finds herself in an English village, sharing a rented cottage with her partner. Seeking refuge from the aftermath of past infidelities she reconstructs the world around her through the brushstrokes and histories of her favourite artworks. A chance discovery in the cottage’s attic leads Anna on a journey back to the late nineteenth century and the complicated relationships of two young women studying at Oxford University. As Anna’s investigations blend with the students’ story, and the threads of her life intertwine with those of a century earlier, she finds a way to run from the pain of her losses, both old and new. But the past is not all it seems and Anna’s escape routes are taken from her, one by one, until she must face the truths of her present.

My Pledge:

Amount: £20

What I get: First edition hardback book, e-book edition, access to the shed (updates from the author on the books journey to publication) and my name in the back of the book.

This book is currently in prepress stage and I’m already so excited for it to arrive later this year in finished hardback form!

Click the link below to watch the books trailer.

If the above link does not work, click here to watch the video and read an extract from the book.

22 thoughts on “Bookish Ramblings: Back to Unbound and my new book pledge…

    1. Thankfully, I’ve got loads of books to keep me busy till it’s published, as after reading the extract, I’m looking forward to continuing the story. And it’s a very nice bonus indeed, a much appreciated token of appreciation 😊

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  1. Hi Janel, delighted you’re flying the flag for Unbound and enjoying the process. As an (Unbound) author I can certainly vouch for the fact that it’s great fun (as well as darned hard work!) but the really great thing – from my point of view – has been the chance to ‘talk’ to readers before, during (and hopefully, after) the writing process. That’s not happened before (and it’s difficult to see how it could). Happy Unbounding!

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    1. Hi Tim, it really is a great idea and a brilliant way of bringing authors and readers together! I think I’ve become a little addicted, I’m constantly checking the site for new books to support 🙈 I’m an unbound addict!

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  2. Hello. I’m the author of “All the Perverse Angels”. Thank you for your pledges, and for taking the time to look at, and blog about, the novel. In this whole endeavour there is nothing more important to me than people’s reading—and, hopefully, enjoying—the book.

    “…Angels” has gone through development editing & is now in the midst of its copy-edit. You can read about the process from funding to publication, here: There’s more about my editing process here: And for a piece by my publisher, on why they chose to publish the novel, there’s this:

    I’ll be updating the blog again, soon, and I aim to keep the majority of my posts public, so even if the book’s not for you, you can follow the publishing process from start to finish.

    Thank you, again,

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    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for commenting and taking the time to share that info with us. I loved the books trailer and after reader the opening chapters, I was certain this was a book that needed to get published asap so I can finish reading it! I can’t wait to see and read the finished copy. 😊x


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