Book Review: Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb


Introducing Deep Down Dead, my first five star read of 2017! If action-thrillers, are the new trend in crime fiction, Broadribb has set the bar extremely high!

From the inside cover:

Lori Anderson is as tough as they come, managing to keep her career as a fearless Florida bounty hunter separate from her role as single mother to nine-year-old Dakota, who suffers from leukaemia. But when the hospital bills start to rack up, she has no choice but to take her daughter along on a job that will make her a fast buck. And that’s when things start to go wrong.

The fugitive she’s assigned to haul back to court is none other than JT, Lori’s former mentor – the man who taught her everything she knows … the man who also knows the secrets of her murky past. Not only is JT fighting a child exploitation racket operating out of one of Florida’s biggest theme parks, Winter Wonderland, a place where ‘bad things never happen’, but he’s also mixed up with the powerful Miami Mob. With two fearsome foes on their tails, just three days to get JT back to Florida, and her daughter to protect, Lori has her work cut out for her. When they’re ambushed at a gas station, the stakes go from high to stratospheric, and things become personal.

Breathtakingly fast-paced, both hard-boiled and heart-breaking, Deep Down Dead is a simply stunning debut.

My Thoughts:

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book to come along, fast-paced and action-packed, I zoned out of my surroundings and into the pages of this book. What do you do when the book has ended but your emotions haven’t? If the back of this book didn’t state “Book 1 in the Lori Anderson series”, I may have had a book-breakdown at the thought of not getting another dose of this thrill!

The synopsis above gives a detailed account of the storyline so I won’t add to it. Instead can we focus for a moment on the kick-ass female protagonist, Lori Anderson, she’s fierce, strong-minded, not without her flaws and ultra-likeable. I’m a firm believer that ‘everything done in the dark will eventually come to light’ and that couldn’t be truer for Lori, you can run from the sins of your past but sooner or later they’re going to catch up with you. But before all that, Lori is a mother, forget ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’, the saying is now ‘hell hath no fury like a mother scorned!’ Throughout all the action, the roller-coaster of a ride this book takes you on, Lori’s love for her daughter, Dakota, shines throughout it all and these interactions between mother and daughter were a pleasure to read.

Now, can we focus for a moment on JT, this book would make an amazing film but my only fear would be the difficulty in casting JT. I’ve created this image of JT in my head, and it’s perfection, and while I’m not a lover of romance, the romantic suspense he and Lori created was intense! You knew from the off-set these two had some unfinished business, I just didn’t realise how emotionally charged their interactions would be.

Broadribb has created some amazing characters, even nine-year-old Dakota is a well-developed character who knows her own mind (as much as any nine-year old can). A female bounty hunter takes her daughter along on a job, and the fugitive happens to be none other than her old mentor, it sounds a bit far-fetched but all the actions fit the characters perfectly, making this a believable story. As with most action-thrillers, you’re going to get some dramatic scenes, and in my opinion, they just add an extra level of entertainment to the storyline.

I can’t rant and rave about this book enough, to use a phrase my 10 year old son often says, this book has ‘no-chill’, meaning it doesn’t let up for a moment, its constant, the action doesn’t stop and even when you’ve read the last page, the adrenaline is still coursing through your veins! I loved this book!

Before I read this book, if anyone asked about Steph Broadribb, I’d say she was a book blogger I follow – Ask me today, and I will tell you she is an AUTHOR. The passion, the excitement, the suspense, the EVERYTHING, this book has it all and I highly, highly recommend it!

*My thanks to Karen at Orenda Books for providing me with a copy of this book*

This book is available to buy now from: Amazon UK / Book Depository

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