Book Review: Pendulum by Adam Hamdy


Can somebody get Kiefer Sutherland on the phone, we’ve got an action movie to shoot people, and it’s called Pendulum!

From the inside cover:

You wake. Confused. Disorientated.
A noose is round your neck.
You are bound, standing on a chair.
All you can focus on is the man in the mask tightening the rope.
You are about to die.

John Wallace has no idea why he has been targeted. No idea who his attacker is. No idea how he will prevent the inevitable.
Then the pendulum of fate swings in his favour.
He has one chance to escape, find the truth and halt his destruction.
The momentum is in his favour for now.
But with a killer on his tail, everything can change with one swing of this deadly pendulum…

My Thoughts:

“You have one chance. Run.

This is an action movie told in the pages of a book. Pendulum has a thrilling opening chapter, John Wallace, our lead protagonist’s life literally hangs in the balance. Hamdy’s use of short sentences in the books opening creates a sense of urgency and excitement; you’re thrown right into the mix, no scene setting, no build up – you’re rocket-launched into the action straight away!

Death is hunting you. Think. Think. Think.”

I really don’t want to go into details in this review, because I believe this book will be better enjoyed, if you just pick it up and read it! It’s fast-paced and action-packed; this story ensures it has your full attention from the offset. By the end of part one, my adrenaline was pumping and I dived straight into part 2!

Packed full of twists and turns, this book reminded me of 24 (the TV series), some of the events are a little on the extreme side. At times a bit dramatic and unrealistic but the unpredictability of the events that unfold makes this read so exciting. I’ve already cast all the characters for the film, I’m eagerly awaiting book 2 in this trilogy, it’s all systems go. Hamdy is an author, screenwriter and filmmaker; if there was ever someone who shines in their field -it’s Hamdy.

My online book club, The Criminally Good Book Club, voted for Pendulum to be our January read and the majority really enjoyed it. This book is quite a lengthy one, and a few members struggled with its many pages, but I found it so entertaining, I flew through it; Hamdy even caught me off-guard with an unexpected emotional chapter, which I really liked, you just cannot predict where this story is going. As this is part of a Trilogy, there are questions left unanswered, ‘the why’ is revealed but if you’re a person who likes their books ‘cut and dry’, you might want to wait until book 2 and 3 are released.

If you’re still unsure about this book, you can purchase the short prequel to Pendulum, Run. It will give you a good indicator of whether Pendulum is for you.

This book is available to buy now from: Amazon UK / Book Depository


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What Kerrie @lovedreadingthis thought: “A terrific, fast paced crime thriller that takes one man across the Atlantic in his fight for survival and in pursuit of Pendulum – a masked killer disguising murder as suicide.
A great read with a contemporary plot.”

19 thoughts on “Book Review: Pendulum by Adam Hamdy

  1. Oh your review is really making me excited for this one!! I hope my reading glasses are done soon:) You have no idea how much I loved 24…one of the best shows! And yes very unrealistic at times but when an action movie and/or book has an awesome plot and keeps you on the edge of your seat with action and suspense I say who cares if it’s unrealistic in parts, that’s why it’s fiction right:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope your glasses are ready soon too ‘cos this book needs to be read!
      And, I loved 24, I used to wait for the whole season to be out, then in 24 hours I’d watch it all so I could experience it real time too 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was a late comer to the show and didn’t start it until the whole series was on netflix…serious binge watching took place for then:) Have you watched The Killing? That’s an amazing crime show. Enjoy your day:)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Is that one on TV now, it sounds familiar, I set my Sky box to record a few shows and in true Sky TV style, it malfunctioned. I’ve got so many shows to catch up on, will have to check that one.


      3. I’ll let you know if I think of any more good crime shows:) Honestly the Killing is probably my favorite. Only problem is it’s addictive and then what about all the books waiting😱

        Liked by 1 person

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