Bookish Ramblings: Read it, Swap it

What do you do with a book once you’ve read it?

I absolutely love the feel of a physical book, I find if I read too many ebooks in a row, I start to miss the physical action of turning pages. But this presents me with a problem, where do I keep all my books? I only have one bookcase and no room to put another, book stacks all over the place…sadly, some of my books need to find a new home.

While browsing Bookstagram, I discovered a great site – Read it Swap it – it’s as simple as it sounds, you browse the library, select a book, the person is then shown your library of books and can choose one (accept the swap), you then send the books to each other or reject the swap. Since joining over a week ago, I have swapped eight books!

Two of which have been on my TBR for ages and are both highly anticipated reads.

Don’t Stand So Close – Lunar Lewis

The Kind Worth Killing – Peter Swanson

As well as receiving books that are already on the TBR, I have discovered two books that sound amazing and I can’t wait to read them…

An Instance of the Fingerpost – Iain Pears

Sister – Rosamund Lupton

The remaining four books I have received through swaps are:

Cold Hit / The Deadhouse – Linda Fairstein

Love You More – Lisa Gardner

The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonansinga

The Deceiver – Frederick Forsyth

I did request a copy of The Secret History by Donna Tartt but I was refused that swap, so if anyone has a copy going spare, let me know….

How many books do you own? I’m not using Read it Swap it as a one in, one out system, I can’t resist a charity shop haul and I’m a serial online book buyer, but I find it’s a good way to get rid of books I won’t read again. What do you do with your books once you’ve read them?

*I have linked all books to Goodreads due to the number of books mentioned, but if you’d prefer I put the blurb of each book in the actual post in future, do let me know in the comments.*




13 thoughts on “Bookish Ramblings: Read it, Swap it

  1. Ohh ill have to check that site out! Chelsea from Suspensethrill and I were just talking about having way too many books. I like to try and pay it forward and send books to other bloggers as well. I’ve been really fortunate and have won some awesome giveaways so I want to spread the love.

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  2. I’m a longstanding member of ReadItSwapIt and it’s a great site not only for swapping books but also for making friends, both online and in real life. We have “meets” every so often so that we can swap books in person. And we regularly chat to each other on the forums. For those outside the UK, try Bookmooch which is international.

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    1. Hi Mandy, thanks for the info, quite a few people have wondered about international swap sites so I’ll be sure to include that info in future posts.
      Is there any particular forum you recommend?


  3. RISI is wonderful isn’t it. I’ve been a member for over 10 years and it stops me hanging on to books I’ve read. And I loved Sister – Rosamund Lupton, and her other books, Afterwards and The Quality of Silence. If you join the RISI forums you could post a Wanted request for Secret History 🙂

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    1. I’m very much a novice to the site but it is wonderful. I need to have a proper book sort out as I’ve got loads of books that need listing. Any particular forums you recommend?


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