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Today on the blog I’ll be unboxing a new subscription box I discovered. I managed to grab one of their pre-launch promo boxes. This is the September box so if you have one on the way, please note: major spoilers follow. I purchased this box, it was not given to me in exchange for a review…

The theme for this box was: Secrets



As this is their first box, there were no previous unboxing pictures, so I had no idea what to expect. The box wasn’t customised, like some other boxes, but that didn’t bother me as I’m a keeper of pages, not a keeper of boxes. When I opened the box, I was immediately greeted with a card that had a hand-written note inside, thanking me for purchasing the box and detailing what was inside. I was very impressed with how everything in the box was presented, particularly the wrapping of the book.

So what was inside:



This gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, lined notebook (this picture doesn’t do it justice in the slightest!) I absolutely love this notebook, it was my favourite item in this month’s box. It’s A6, so a perfect fit for my handbag, it also has a fold/pocket at the back which is great for keeping notes/receipts safe.



Next up was this cute bracelet made by Literary Emporium. Personally, I’m more of bangle wearer when it comes to jewellery so I will be passing this along to my little cousin, who I know will absolutely love it. But nonetheless a great item.



The third item was this little tote bag, and I mean little! This is probably the only item that I have no use for, due to its size; it’s a little bit bigger than A5.



Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate!? I like that they gave 3 sashays instead of just 1. My son has claimed all 3 sashays as his own as he is obsessed with hot chocolate!


And lastly, before we get to the book, was this bookish badge. I have a few badges and I think they’re so cute but I’m never really sure what to do with them. Any suggestions?

Also I like the little extra, the Lindt chocolate, surprisingly in this current humid weather, it didn’t melt! Sadly it was coconut, which I don’t like but again, my son was very happy, I believe his words were, “mum, it’s coconut, you don’t like coconut, so I’ll take this!”

The Book

Major points earned here! How beautifully wrapped is this!? &book could you come and do all my Christmas wrapping please? The bookmark is absolutely gorgeous, I particularly like the two captions, in case it’s not clear in the picture, they read “Secrets: things that you tell everybody to tell nobody.” (unknown) and “Books: the easier way to travel worlds (@andbook2016)


Imagine my delight to see a psychological thriller: My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry. And I haven’t read nor do I already own this title! Again major points earned here, as someone who regularly buys books, my biggest fear with book boxes is getting a  book I already own.


I ordered this box on Sunday 4th and it arrived on Tuesday 7th, I was super impressed but I thought ‘my timing can’t be that perfect’, so I sent them a message asking how the shipping works. They replied as follows “the first shipping for the October box is on the 5th, after that up until 16th of October boxes will be sent as and when the order has been placed.”

Get in there early if you want to avoid spoilers! But I must admit, I kind of like this system as there has been a few book boxes that once I’d seen the contents, I wish I’d order one, now with & book you can.

This box cost £29.99 per month plus shipping. You can subscribe month-to-month or prepay for 3 or 6 months. You can also purchase a one-off box – this was the option I went for as I’m afraid of commitment. I received 25% of this box using the promo code advertised on their Instagram posts, so this box cost £25.85 in total instead of £33.34.

So would I subscribe?

I just told you, I’m afraid of commitment…haha…on a serious note: according to the website, the theme and genre changes each month, this would put me off as I’m not a reader of all genres but for someone who is, this could be ideal. For me personally, and my bank account confirms this, £29.99 is a lot of money to part with every month.


Is this box worth its buck, I’ve unboxed it, let me know what you think?

This is a new box; I’m definitely going to follow their progress. This was a pre-launch promo box so I’m very interested to see what’s inside next months box and if they have made any major changes, as they’ll no longer be in pre-launch mode. And I’ll just stalk the net on the 7th of next month, looking for spoilers for the October box, and if I like what I see, I’ll buy it.

More information about &book can be found at:


Instagram: andbook2016

Twitter: andbook2016

For no reason, other than shear curiosity, what happens next year, does everything change to andbook2017?

13 thoughts on “Book Box Unboxing: &book

  1. Personally I’d be loath to part with in effect £30 a month for a paperback book and goodies that I might or might not want. Given the amount of books we can access to review, the chance of already having a copy (albeit an ecopy) would be quite high – and I do have this book. I’d rather give myself £30 to spend on books and book related goodies that I knew I wanted, but that’s just me. It also depends on the amount of disposable income you’ve got and that’s all relative. That said if someone gifted me a box I’d be delighted with it.
    As an idea for the badge, you could take a length of ribbon (about 2 inches longer than hardback or paperback depending on use) and slightly wider than the badge. Pin the badge on the ribbon and use as a bookmark.

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    1. I suppose the whole element of book boxes is the surprise which I really like…until I get an item, I don’t like haha. But had I already owned this book, I’d have been deeply disappointed as in my mind that’s the most important thing in the box. I suppose these boxes are aimed at a market that doesn’t have the same accessed to books bloggers do. I agree 100%, it does depend on your disposable income, if I hadn’t seen the 25% offer I wouldn’t have purchased it…

      My problem is I can’t resist an offer, I saw 25% off and thought yep I’ll try that. In fact I have another box coming this month as they had a good offer on too, as well as a discount, they had some issues with their previous box and ended up cancelling it (and refunding everyone) but it means September’s box is a combination of the August/Sept items. Not the greatest thing to happen to a business but I essentially should be getting 2 boxes in one for £17, I couldn’t resist 🙈

      Great idea to make bookmarks! I shall definitely pick up some ribbon next time I’m out…Thanks!😄

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      1. Two boxes in one sounds good, let us know what you get next time. If you like a bargain you should join me on my FBook page as it’s free and bargain books. I love a bargain too and started it to share the things I found for myself

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      2. “Bargain”, “free”, two of my favourite words, I just followed the FB page 😁
        I’ll do another unboxing post when the other box arrives, I don’t even know when it’s scheduled to arrive, that’s how bad I am with bargain impulse buys haha

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  2. I put padges on my bags,and on the pockets of some of my coats. Also on my backpack!
    I’ve never bought any subscription boxes,they do feel expensive to me. But if I had the money,I’d definitely try some. Especially if there’s a horror&thriller one. I love watching unboxing videos&posts though!

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    1. I use more handbag-style bags so there’s nowhere to pin them. The thought of putting pins through my clothes terrifies me haha, I always think, it’ll end up getting caught and ripping. But I could put a few on my gym bag (maybe it’ll give me the incentive I need to actually go to the gym haha). Thanks.

      I really enjoy seeing unboxings too! The ones I’m trying are based in the UK as shipping is either cheap or free. I’ve seen a few cool boxes in America but once you add on shipping costs, the price is ridiculous. But when I do see an offer, I’ll buy it, that my rule haha!


  3. I don’t think I’d want this… it’s a lot of money for something that you might not enjoy! 😦 And I’m like you, I don’t like ALL genres…

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    1. I didn’t actually realise it was all genres till after I’d bought it, on their Instagram, they were posting a lot of mystery/thriller books so I just thought that was the books they offered, thankfully this month was a genre I enjoy. It was only when I checked the website for more info for his post that I realised. If money wasn’t an issue, I’d get all the boxes haha as I like the idea but I suppose it’s about finding the right box and weighing up if you can afford it and also if the contents inside are worth the money. But when they’re on offer, I’ll be there to buy the box – I have no self control…


  4. Wow. I was loving the idea of this box right up until I saw the price – £30 is a stupid amount of money! Love the idea though. I’ve looked into subscription beauty boxes before but it has never occurred to me that book ones exist – so thanks for enlightening me!

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    1. Glad I could be of assistance haha 😊 oh there are so so so many book boxes out there. I’m still discovering them myself, on the hunt for the perfect one for me (content and price wise)…bar the tote bag, I actually really liked the items in this box but I couldn’t justify spending £30 every month on it. I’ve spotted a few lower priced ones I wanted to keep an eye out for the unboxing of those…


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