Before we get to the Books – The Author and the Blog

Have you ever been to a group interview or on a training course and had to do those awkward ice-breakers, ‘describe yourself in 3 words’, that kind of thing? Consider this my ice-breaker.

I’m Janel, a 27 year old trying her best to ‘adult’. About 80% of the time, I’m please to say I have it all under control. I graduated from university with a degree in Criminology, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know, crime fiction is my favourite kind of fiction and true crime is my favourite kind of non-fiction.

When I’m not ‘adulting’, I’m reading, if someone would like to pay me to read for a living, I’m open to that!

Now for those 3 words to describe myself: stressed, blessed and book-obsessed! Being stressed and blessed is for my journal. This blog is all about the book-obsessed!

I only review books I enjoyed, not every book is for everyone, and I would hate to put someone off reading a book, especially if it’s one they already own, because of something they read in my blog. Therefore I only review books I would recommend to others.

I’ve been lucky to receive some advanced reading copies of books from publishers but this blog will be a combination of books, new and old. The majority of books I review will be available to buy immediately.

I’m new to blogging/reviewing so bare with me and hopefully I’ll get better over time, I’d appreciate any tips and insights into the tricks of the trade.

Please do leave me comments, let me know what you’re reading, lets talk books!


11 thoughts on “Before we get to the Books – The Author and the Blog

  1. Welcome! My kind of books are fiction books and I really enjoy romance and crime/thriller novels. I’m used to reading more romance and YA books but have come to really love and enjoy the mysteries. Along with all their twists and turns!


    1. Hi, thank you for commenting, I’m quite nervous about putting this blog out there but you’ve instantly made me feel welcome 😊 I love crime fiction, it’s like a genre within a genre, there’s something for everyone. I’m trying to read more YA, it’s so popular. I shall be having a browse through your posts very soon!

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      1. Awe, you’re so sweet! I too was very nervous about starting mine. I blog to just share my experience and feelings from the story. I’m not too in depth like most bloggers are about how the book is written in detail but I thoroughly enjoy reading all kinds of book blogs 😆 I hope you enjoy it and don’t be nervous!


  2. Hi Janet, pleased to meet you. It feels nerve racking making that first post but it gets easier. The great thing I discovered when I dipped my toe in the blogging water is how friendly and supportive everyone is which really gives you confidence. I enjoy crime novels too so I look forward to reading your reviews. 😊


    1. Hi Jill, it’s not even been 24 hours yet & I’m already discovering how welcoming everyone is and making friends. Hopefully I’ll get a grip on the inner workings of WordPress quickly. I mainly worry my reviews are not in depth enough but the first ones up now so we’ll see how it goes 😊

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  3. Hi Janel, welcome to blogging! It’s fun. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. We all do our thing. It’s all about the books. Write what you want and enjoy it. Christine x

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    1. Thanks for commenting Christine. I was worried about the fact that some of the books I’m reading to review (if I enjoy them) aren’t new releases but you’re right – it is all about the books and keeping it enjoyable. x

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  4. Hi Janel, I’m late to the party but congratulations on your blog. It’s takes such courage to plunge into blogging or writing anything for public consumption, so I’m deeply impressed with what you’ve created here. Keep up the excellent work.

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